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If there is a problem with your order, I would appreciate being given the chance to try to correct it as I would like to make everyone happy - but I understand if that just isn't possible. 

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Update... of sorts.

It's been a while.

Unfortunately, following my trip for the holiday season, I also decided I wanted a new job. So most of my February was spent job hunting. March was spent preparing to move, moving.... and promptly moving again. The first house I found was... not entirely what I had expected. So I ended up apartment hunting immediately and moving out after about 10 days, to my own place.

The remainder of March and all of April have been filled with settling in, and starting my new job. This weekend I am indeed headed off to the Genki Pikapika concert and considering my seat is fourth row, I am certainly happy about it. ^_^v

I would, however, really like to get rid of a lot of the stuff I have accumulated. I am going to work in the coming weeks on trying to get something organized as far as doing so. I very well may be taking new pictures to do it. I would sincerely like to avoid putting things on eBay, but I really could use some extra cash after two moves.

I'm fairly certain I have some things that I have gotten since I last updated the shop that never made it onto the listings. I have also joined M-line fanclub in addition to my current membership in Hello!Project fanclub, so I may start to post FC-only goods for pre-order if anyone is interested in this.

Basically, I want to get things more organized and I would really really like to stop having such a stock of things, if that makes sense.

It's going to take a while though, so please be patient with me.

Thanks so much! 



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